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A Table for two - Best Rooftop Cafes in Jaipur

Ganesh Pol, Amer Fort, Jaipur
Amer Fort, Jaipur

Exquisite, historical, and dripping with traditions and culture, Jaipur is one of the most vivacious cities in Rajasthan. Also known as the Pink City, it is home to thousands of tourists strolling in its chaotic yet beautifully colourful streets with many stories to tell. Where one hand the roads are swarmed with buzzing autorickshaws and noisy city vehicles, on the other hand, it’s a poised group of camels dawdling around unaffected by the mayhem. The magnificence of Jaipur’s royal past and it’s reflections in the present is an interesting sight to behold.

Jaipur’s rich heritage is complemented by a rather flamboyant dine-in culture with many restaurants, bars and cafes lining the streets. Let’s explore 5 of the best cafes in the Pink City offering spectacular views.

Windview Cafe

Located right opposite to the spectacular Hawa Mahal, Windview is a no-frills cafe perfect for your morning cuppa. Watch the Hawa Mahal irradiate in all it’s glory as the rays of the sun fall on this intricately carved beauty painted all pink. This cafe won’t satisfy your fancy self but be assured you’ll find amazing tea here. Climb up to the second floor to reach here. As you enjoy your tea watch the bazar below come to life with natives gearing up for busy day ahead and tourists flocking the Hawa Mahal that stands tall overlooking the bustling streets.

Windview Cafe, Hawa Mahal
Enjoying the early morning view of the Hawa Mahal from Windview Cafe

Padao Restaurant

Ever wondered what would dining in the ruins of a beautiful royal fort look like? Head out to Padao located towards the end of Nahargarh Fort, standing on the edge of the Aravallis. Overlooking the Pink City, Padao promises you an alluring experience. You’ll be charged INR 100/person for entering the premises which includes beverages. Let’s be honest, the food is here quite mediocre but it didn’t really matter as we were too busy admiring one of the most beautiful sunsets we’d seen in Jaipur. As the sun touched the horizon the colours in the sky changed from bright orange to hues of pink and the clouds blushed at the warm touch of the sun rays. It’s truly magical. If you’re in Jaipur do add witnessing this sunset to your list.

Stag Cafe

Craving an extraordinary evening with little effort? Look no further. Located opposite to the majestic Amer Fort, the Stag Cafe offers you just that. Sit back and relax as you enjoy a splendid view of the Amer Fort against the setting sun. The food here is good but what’s better is that this cafe also serves sheesha. We stopped by this place in the evening and were lucky to have a chance to watch the light and sound show held at Amer Fort. It’s a glorious attempt in reviving the pride, history and traditions of Amer. Admire the magnificent landmark lit up against the night sky as the history unfolds in front of your eyes. It’s a sight to behold.

Dinner with a sunset view of the Amer Fort


Okay, this one has to be one of our favourites because the menu here is so versatile and the food is delectable. As the name suggests Tapri specializes in serving all kinds of tea, it’s everything but sophisticated and that’s what makes it even more striking. A read through the food menu is a delight in itself. Tapri’s always buzzing with people. The rustic interiors add to the charm of the cafe and their tea in the small, cutting chai like glasses are endearing details that never age. Grab a quick bite on the rooftop for beautiful sunset scenes over tea and maggie. (classic, isn’t it?)

Bar Palladio

Bar Palladio at the Narain Niwas Palace does not offer any panoramic view but is a treat for the eyes in itself. It’s an Italian inspired style, viewed through the prism of a Mughal dreamworld. It’s absolutely gorgeous and will make you feel as if you’ve entered into a fantasy world of your own. Turquoise and white are the only combination of colours used, with traditional Indian motifs in Mughal style on every corner of the hotel. Bar Palladio is royalness personified. Its sophisticated interiors are complemented by a lovely outdoor space with tented canopies amid mango trees and peacocks.The bar also offers a range of unique, refreshing drinks, making Bar Palladio the perfect place for a luxurious evening.

Have you been to any of these restaurants before? If not, we hope you’re inspired to try these out whenever you’re in Jaipur next.

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