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The Best Places to Eat Your Heart Out In Tosh

Most of Tosh’s restaurants cater to two kinds of tourists: Israeli backpackers and young Indian adventure seekers. There are a handful of cafes that majorly serve Israeli and Italian cuisine with a couple of Indian dishes as well. Given the lack of commercialization here, the restaurants surprisingly offer scrumptious food. Expect no-frills cafes, floor seatings, walls decorated with psychedelic graffiti and paintings, Israeli food options, lemon ginger honey tea. From the endless hummus trails to cheesy lasagna and the best chai with panoramic views of the snow-capped mountains, here’s a list of our favourite cafes in Tosh.


If you’re looking for good chai, exquisite hummus and a pleasing vibe, head out to Shalom. Sit outside and witness the activities around or get cozy in the indoor floor seating and enjoy a bowl of thukpa. Such was this cute little cafe where we found the most peaceful corners. We just couldn't just stop smiling at the passerby’s as we immersed ourselves in the views of the quaint Himalayas. Run by a Nepali family the food here is extremely flavourful. There are about 3 attendants and 30 different things to cook sometimes, your order might take a while but the flashing smile on their faces surely makes up for the delay. Order anything from the menu and you sure won’t be disappointed. We tried shakshuka, hummus pita, thukpa, kafa, and everything was not only good but pocket-friendly too.

A must try: Snickers/milk chocolate chapati which is basically a wheat flatbread stuffed with chocolate and then deep-fried which gives it a distinctive flavor.

Pinki Didi’s 360 Cafe

True to its name, the cafe offers a stunning view of the valley. It’s located towards the end of the village and is the last resort. The food here is prepared with homegrown vegetables which is what probably makes it one of the most expensive cafes in Tosh. The average price here was INR 300 and to be honest the food wasn’t that great. However, with the view like that and a warm cuppa of hazelnut cappuccino, we are not complaining. There are rooms available as well ranging from INR 800-2000 depending on the season or which floor you choose the room on. Hey, you gotta pay the price for a view.

Pinki Didi Cafe, Last Resort, Tosh

Pink Floyd

Pink Floyd is one of the best and most affordable cafes in Tosh. Partly because it serves the best chai and partly because the food here is pretty delicious with a stunning view of the snow-clad mountains. The cafe has an easy floor seating if you’d like to just unwind and outdoor seating as well if you want to enjoy the scenic view.

Must Try: Masala Chai (they serve it in a tall glass, so yay) and Lasagna

Dev Dhaba

What makes it good? The best vegetable momos and to die for views. Not many people come here, maybe because it’s a relatively small cafe serving a limited amount of dishes and also it’s easy to miss. But if you want to escape the crowd and sit enjoy solitude for a while think no more and head out to Dev Dhaba.

Must try: Momos

Hill Top Cafe

If an appetizing breakfast is the key to start your day on a happy note, then you’ll be happier if you have yours at the Hill Top Cafe. They have a wide variety of breakfast platters right from Italian to Israeli, serve fresh juices, frothy cappuccinos good enough to lift you up even on the gloomiest day and spellbinding views. It’s just below the Pink Floyd Cafe.

Must Try: Coffee and Omelette. We heard their pizzas are great too

German Bakery

There seems to be at least one dessert joint named Germany Bakery in every Himachal town and we are so happy that they exist, whatever the reason might be for its omnipresence. It’s located just opposite Shalom. All freshly made by a guy named Karma, who works at the German Bakery Cafe, the cakes sell out quicker than they are made. Indulge in the crumbly apple pie, chocolate-coated tiramisu or their signature nut cake. Well, we didn’t leave any out so check out these mouth-watering photos below and decide for yourself.

German Bakery, Tosh, Parvati Valley

Stoned Age Cafe

The Stoned Age Cafe & Inn has a classic rustic vibe to it and that's what adds to its charm. It’s situated away from the main area in Tosh, on the way to Kutla, but definitely makes for an off-beat experience. Slightly overpriced but definitely worth it, we say. The restaurant offers a great variety of Indian food probably the first we saw in Tosh. One must, however, keep a watch on the clock because time can slip by fast between their vast selection of board games, low seating and views that give you chills.

Must Try: Order anything from their wide assortment of Indian dishes

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