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On some days we get lost but on most days we stay lost. 

Hi, we are Nikhil and Sanjana, just two people traveling their way through life. We have our base in New Delhi, India but like to call the world our home. We love to explore new places, take road trips to unknown lands while listening to our favourite music. We love to take photographs, lots of them, of pretty sunrises, blazing sunsets, invincible mountains, colourful streets, of each other and almost everything else. We love long walks on wide beaches as much as we love navigating our way through tiny streets in an old town. Travel is our therapy. 


One fine day while sipping a cup of chai in a small hillside cafe, we realised that the most beautiful things in life are not just things. They are the memories you make under a sky full of stars, the bruises you get while climbing mountain trails, the heartwarming conversations you have with strangers, the people you share your laughter with, the places you yearn to go to and most of all the trust that the best days and trips of our life are yet to come. 


We wanted to share our stories and adventures with others. And this is how Life In A Suitcase came into being. We started this blog to inspire people to travel more and show them the world through our lens. We hope that Life In A Suitcase serves as a peaceful escape when you’re feeling those Monday blues, a trip down the memory lane of a place you’ve been to or the motivation to pack your bags and visit someplace that’s been long there on your bucket list. 


So hop on and join us in our adventures, stay connected with us. And if you ever spot us around, do come say hi.

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